Our Approach

Inclusive and Informative

Whether you are a junk-fooder, raw-fooder, vegan, part-time vegetarian, or someone just beginning to explore healthy food choices, all are welcome to participate!

UC-VEG also enjoys and encourages the inclusion of people from all backgrounds and walks of life, and embraces the concept that what makes a painting beautiful is the use of many colors. Our diverse group of volunteers are cognizant of inclusivity in every aspect of service to the community of Douglas County.


  • Learn in a comfortable setting that offers respect for each individual’s right to make their own choices with regards to their personal health and lifestyle.
  • By providing cutting-edge information to empower those that are open to learn, members of our community can make well-informed choices without expectation or pressure.
  • A welcoming and lighthearted atmosphere ensures everyone involved comes away feeling good about having participated in something that is uplifting and beneficial, both personally and for the greater community.