Our Story


UC-VEG was founded as a grassroots attempt to support people who are interested in holistic health and benefits of a plant-based diet. As a budding organization, UC-VEG began supporting already existing events, like a vegetarian potluck started by the Roseburg Vegetarian Group in 2010. Teaming up to support efforts like this, UC-VEG focused on the concept of “prevention through education” —- looking for ways to support Douglas County, Oregon, residents with science-based information not commonly available in the existing health system.

With time, a growing team of volunteers organized a strategy with goals and objectives on how to turn the tide of sickness in Douglas County. A variety of events were crafted to provide interesting, informative, accessible, and quality experiences for participants of all ages and backgrounds. Guidelines were established to keep programs and activities free to the public, inclusive, and welcoming to all. UC-VEG’s North Star is using science and evidence-based resources and materials, for the purpose of education about lifestyle choices and the wide-ranging benefits of a whole food plant-based diet.

In the initial years, a dedicated group of passionate volunteers looked to do as many different types of projects as possible. Through doing things like information tabling across the county, a burgeoning organizational following developed. This energy and momentum was due not only to passionate, caring people in our community, but amazing nonprofit organizations like KTS-NW, who offered nonprofit and administrative support.

As more people became involved, and more events happened more frequently, UC-VEG became incorporated as a nonprofit 501(c)(3). In 2015, UC-VEG gained a dedicated board of directors, as well as working committees, and action teams, now capable of implementing dozens of projects across the county. In 2021 the Blue Zone’s Project certified and celebrated UC-VEG with our overlapping themes to educate about plant-based nutrition and inspire health promoting lifestyle choices.  


UC-VEG exists as a nonprofit community effort to support learning about lifestyle strategies, and the wide-ranging health benefits of choosing whole food, plant-based nutrition. With an emphasis on compassion, respect and understanding, UC-VEG offers education and social events as a community service. We support freedom in personal health choices and welcome all individuals to join in learning. 


We envision a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community, mindful and well informed about the health promoting power of plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine. UC-VEG envisions a healthier, thriving, environmentally sustainable community.