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Dear Friends,

While we learn to adapt to life at home during this pandemic, it is ever more important that vulnerable members of our community learn how to protect themselves with good nutrition while sheltering in place. In-person activities and programs have been postponed but UC-VEG is remaining active through our email database and social media platforms to provide resources, and to keep you informed in a timely manner about any changes in conditions that will allow for programs to resume.
UC-VEG leadership and volunteers are also using this time to refresh and energize through immune boosting nutrition, planting gardens, and getting some much needed downtime. We’re also taking the time to update the weekly lifestyle and nutrition series, THIP, dig in to some office organization and inventory of materials, and do strategic planning for the future. Who knows, we may even discover new ways of disseminating the lifestyle and nutrition information we have been teaching for the past decade.

Please reflect on ways that you can continue to learn and support yourselves in your journey toward better well-being. Use the following resources from the comfort of your own home while also staying informed of any changes:

Watch this astounding video from Dr. Michael Greger where he talks about an upcoming pandemic, all the way back in 2008. 

Listen to this interview with Dr. Scott Stoll from Forks Over Knives through the Plantrition Project about how to stay healthy during the COVID19 Pandemic.

Join Dr. Charlie Ross on a live Zoom conference with Q&A on Tuesday at 2pm or 7pm.

Listen to a special presentation from Dr. John McDougall on COVID19.

Browse through the testimonies, recipes, videos, posts, and the wealth of information here on the UC-VEG website and the UC-VEG Facebook page

Share your own updates in the UC-VEG Support Group.

Show us what you’re cooking, see what others are creating, and get good ideas for future meals on the Facebook UC-VEG Recipe Club.

Additionally, we will continue to stay in touch through the UC-VEG newsletter, and for current THIP members, we will continue with the weekly newsletters through “Class 13.”


Wishing you the best of health,

The UC-VEG team

UC-VEG offers a variety of services, which primarily fall into the categories of educational events and social gatherings. Our educational services include screenings of informative documentaries, guest lectures, cooking demonstrations, grocery shopping tours, field trips, and ongoing classes focusing on the latest research behind a plant-based diet. UC-VEG also coordinates fun social activities! Plant-Based potlucks are offered monthly, along with occasional dine-outs and informal gatherings. 

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