Field Trips

As many of us in the local area are just becoming familiar with the benefits of transitioning toward a more plant-based diet, it can be a fun and broadening experience to travel outside the county to see what’s already been working for others!


UC-VEG volunteers have made it an annual tradition to attend Portland’s VegFest. With over 6000 people attending, it’s a great opportunity to learn and get motivated!


Northwest VEG’s VegFest











The Village School

A group of volunteers interested in seeing more fresh produce added to school lunches took a field trip up to The Village School, one out of 2 schools to be the recipient of PCRM’s Golden Carrot Award in 2015.








Eugene Veg Education Network
When EVEN hosted local author and plant-based presenter, Dr. Orestes Gutierrez, UC-VEG volunteers went up to check him out, and eventually invite him to Douglas County as a potluck presenter.




UC-VEG has been fortunate to host Author, Dr. Will Tuttle, on several occasions, but still made a point to seek him out when he spoke in Portland with NW Veg.


NW Veg also brought The China Study’s T. Collin Campbell, and his son, Nelson, when featuring the film, Plant Pure Nation.


Dr. Heidi Beery pioneered the Holistic Holiday at Sea, a cruise through the Eastern Caribbean with the worlds leading experts and authorities on holistic living and natural health!


A few UC-VEG volunteers made a point of seeing Author, Scientist and Seed-saving Pioneer, Dr. Vandana Shiva speak in Ashland: