Kitchen Garden Project

What is the Kitchen Garden Project?

Umpqua Community Veg Education Group (UC-VEG) is pleased to present the Kitchen Garden Project (KGP), a program that provides the opportunity for individuals, families, schools, and non-profit organizations throughout Douglas County to build backyard vegetable gardens for the ultimate food security, natural movement, a chance to build healthy relationships outdoors, and experiencing the mental health benefits of getting hands in the soil and growing food.  The KGP provides the public with access to the skills, information and resources needed to grow fresh and healthy foods offering raised beds, seeds, and access to classes and workshops on gardening, nutrition and overall health while facilitating connections within the greater gardening community..

A primary goal of the KGP is to support a network of low-income and/or marginalized gardeners in order to increase accessibility to sufficient, safe, and nutritious foods. The KGP also partners with community groups, schools, and households of various incomes, so that all people are able to benefit from healthy, fresh and local food.

How do I apply for a FREE food garden?

Online Application (for private homes or organizations): 

Printable Application (*for private homes only):  2018-KGP-Garden-Application
*Applicants that live within 1 mile of a community garden with vacancy do not qualify, unless there are accessibility limitations.