Meet the UC-VEG Team

UC-VEG AmeriCorps Members

UC-VEG AMeriCorps Members volunteer to support the organization and have left a deep impression and impact on the community. We re grateful to those that have served UC-VEG in the past, and excited about those to come!

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Volunteer of the Month


Nancy Wolf is the UC-VEG editor and social media volunteer. She handles the UC-VEG Facebook site, is a moderator for the UC-VEG Support Group Facebook site, and does general editing – newsletters, fliers, cookbooks, recipes, and other things as needed. Nancy has lived in Douglas County for 27 years and calls it home. She took the weekly lifestyle and nutrition series, THIP, a year ago and was in awe of what UC-VEG offers to our community and found it to be a treasure. She’s retired from education, had the time, and wanted to help. Over the last 40 years, Nancy and her husband have switched back and forth between vegetarianism and non-vegetarianism. She’s always eaten lots of fruits and vegetables, limited fast food, and cooked most of their meals at home. But she’s struggled with weight all her life, trying one diet after another – losing and gaining it back. She even worked in the dieting industry for three years as a researcher. Dieting made her cravings and binging worse. After taking the THIP course last year and reading Dr. Greger’s book How Not to Diet, she knew she had to jump off the dieting merry-go-round. She has been working toward eating healthy, plant-based foods AND losing weight. Most importantly, she’s healing her body and mind from the dieting routine. In her free time, she likes to bird, draw, knit, create Pysanky eggs, quilt, paint, travel, bicycle, camp, and photograph wildlife. 


As the Executive Director of UC-VEG, Juliete is able to share her lifelong passion for community health. Her educational and professional background is in international relations, government, social services, and the nonprofit sector. Juliete has worked in the health and nutrition field for the past decade, teaching classes on nutrition, living a healthy lifestyle, meditation, working with Dr. Charlie Ross, and serving on the UHA Community Advisory Council. Juliete started transitioning to a plant-based diet over 20 years ago and loves being able share quality information and tools that she truly believes can bring more happiness and longevity to individuals, and the community. She is energized by the radical health improvement of UC-VEG participants and overjoyed to facilitate the growth of the organization. 


Dr. Jill Hanson owned a veterinary clinic in Coos Bay for 40 years. She and her husband, a Douglas County firefighter, are now retired and live happily along the North Umpqua River. Due to her life-long love for animals, and the influence of her oldest son, a professor of chemistry/nutrition in Vienna, Austria, Dr. Jill Hanson became a vegan. She loves working as the UC-VEG Board Secretary, as the Roseburg Potluck Coordniantor and supporting participants in their journey toward better health.


Patrick is a former emergency room nurse and currently teaching nursing students at UCC. After treating patient after patient in the ER, he began to wonder how the chronic illness he was seeing could be prevented. Now having the tools to treat, prevent, and even reverse many forms of chronic disease, Patrick is thrilled to be able to offer this information, as a UC-VEG Board Member, THIP facilitator, to his nursing students, and to his community.


John has worked in the Umpqua Valley as a farmer, builder, teacher, and community organizer. Combining his educational background in medicine, experience working in the dietary field, and extensive training as an organizational facilitator, he’s currently running non-profit organizations focused on health transformation and education. Having studied healthy lifestyle development and disease prevention, he’s taught classes and led community programs in all four corners of the United States. John enjoys sharing his passion to help others achieve success and find greater purpose in their lives. John was one of the founders of UC-VEG and serves as an active Board President and THIP facilitator. 


Ramona has worked as a commercial chef for over 3 decades. When starting the transition toward a plant-based diet, Ramona not only experienced her own health transformation, but discovered a new world of culinary opportunity. Ramona serves as Board Treasurer and provides wholesome and delicious food demonstrations and sampling throughout UC-VEG programs. 


Jude is a retired health care provider, having worked as a family nurse practitioner and midwife for over 30 years. Upon retiring, she took the THIP. While struck by the merit of the information shared in the course, Jude was also impressed with the simplicity and power of lifestyle medicine. Jude enjoys observing the health improvements of participants while conducting evaluations and tracking outcomes for the program, serving as the UC-VEG receptionist, and managing the contact database. 


Dr. Beery is a family medicine doctor practicing at Evergreen Family Medicine.  She grew up in Roseburg and has been practicing in town since 2010.  She attended UC-VEG’s medical meet and greets years ago, and later took THIP. Dr. Beery quickly became enthusiastic about the program.  She has done extensive self-learning as well as attended the Holistic Holiday Cruise in 2017, obtaining 30 hours of medical education on a plant based diet. She is actively encouraging her patients to adopt the lifestyle with her and is enjoying spreading the message as a THIP facilitator and medical consultant for UC-VEG.


Tasha King has been a vegetarian for over 40 years for humanitarian reasons.  After a bout with cancer 6 years ago, she wanted to become entirely plant-based. Tasha began attending UC-VEG’s THIP in September of 2017 to achieve that goal.  Soon after, Tasha started volunteering for UC-VEG.  As a Master Gardener, she often brings the fruits of her labor to the classes, sharing her bounty. Tasha has served as the THIP facilities trainer and coordinator by opening the venue, setting up, greeting participants at the registration table and breaking down after class. 


Dr. Ross has been a practicing physician in Oregon for over 40 years. He practiced Emergency Medicine and became interested in Lifestyle Medicine about 6 years ago, at which point, he began focusing his efforts on teaching medical students at COMP-NW and promoting healthy lifestyle choices with UC-VEG.  Dr. Ross became a local CHIP facilitator in 2014, and gradually transformed the course, founding the original THIP!  He now lives with his wife, Christine, in Oakridge/Westfir, OR and is teaching classes there. He continues to come to Roseburg to share his story and new adventures as a potluck presenter.


After moving to Douglas County and searched for a group supportive of her decision to move toward a more healthy lifestyle. Robin started volunteering with UC-VEG’s Dine Up Restaurant Program and then expanded to supporting other UC-VEG programs. She enjoys observing her own medical improvements alongside the community members!


Dr. Lundy has been an Internal Medicine physician for over 30 years and now works at South River Community Health Center. She’s been involved in many kinds of volunteer organizations for years, serving for over two years with the Peace Corps in Botswana (2012-2014), working as a teacher advising on HIV prevention and wellness. Dr. Lundy also volunteered, acted and served on the board for Umpqua Actors Community Theatre (UACT) for over twelve years. She also help with the Art Center and recently was asked to serve on the board for the ADAPT. In her medical practice, she always spent time sharing with patients  about healthy lifestyles as the path to long-term wellness. Dr. Lundy is an active volunteer, supporting participant evaluations at THIP and executing the Roseburg potlucks. 


Shannon Agee had been thinking about changing to a healthier lifestyle for many years. A little over two years ago. she  “accidentally” went to a THIP class when a friend invited her to a “healthy recipe class” and decided the time had come to give it a try. During the course of that series, she lost 20 pounds and 40 points off of her cholesterol level besides feeling so much better and healthier. Since then, Shannon has been very glad to volunteer with UC VEG and spread the great news far and wide, as a cooking class demonstrator, and shopping tour guide. 


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Erika Franklin

Erika loves to cook and make her comfort foods into healthy versions. After participating in UC-VEG and changing her lifestyle, she experiences more energy and better gut health. Eating healthier and volunteering as a cooking demonstrator means a healthier and longer life to Erika. One of her favorite quotes is:  “TOGETHER we can change the WORLD”

Chriset Palenshus

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Livi has been cooking plant-based for her family and clients for over 20 years. In her years of experience, she’s developed her own crowd-pleasing recipes, tweaking them to include more ingredients supporting disease-prevention and reversal. Livi provides wholesome and delicious food demonstrations and sampling at UC-VEG programs


John Schulz has helped cultivate UC-VEG’s lasting partnership with the Seventh Day Adventist Church’s Better Living Center. After witnessing countless health transformations throughout his life, he feels passionately about the power of food to prevent and reverse chronic illness and is thrilled to have this resource available to the local community.