Talk with a Doc

Learn from the founder of T.H.I.P., an expert on lifestyle medicine, participate in open discussion and ask questions…

Every 1st Sunday* of the month


Dr. Ross has been a practicing physician in Oregon for almost 40 years. He practiced Emergency Medicine and became interested in Lifestyle Medicine over 5 years ago. He began focusing his efforts on teaching medical students at COMP-NW and promoting healthy lifestyle choices with UC-VEG. After teaching CHIP classes in Roseburg in 2014, he gradually transformed the program to the more accessible THIP, available today. He currently lives in Oakridge/Westfir, OR, with his wife, Christine, where they have started teaching classes for their local and outlying communities.

* When the first Sunday of the month happens to land on the holiday, Talk with a Doc will be postponed to the second Sunday of the month.

Talk with a Doc is held at the Better Living Center:

1129 NW Garden Valley Blvd, Roseburg, OR 97471