Get your locally printed UC-VEG Swag!

Cotton T-Shirt and Canvas Tote are $15 each. Masks, which come in black or white, are $8.

T-shirts are available in S, M, L, XL, XXL.

To order, please tally up the cost based upon the information on this page and send the money by clicking “DONATE HERE”.  Once you click the Donate Here button, you’ll see a place to note Additional Information. Please include the name of the item you wish to purchase and then email to arrange pickup at the UC-VEG office.

Below are models shown in alphabetical order displaying the UC-VEG SWAG.

Nico Padgett will be attending graduate school for his Master of Environmental Science.  He has been on a plant-based diet since 2019 and is passionate about direct service and hopes to use his education to continue serving communities.  Nico is 6’6 and wearing a size XL.

Nicole Boehland is a middle school student at Jo Lane. She’s passionate about performance art, dance, theater and singing. Nicole has joined her mom, Iryna, in volunteering for UC-VEG as a recipe demonstrator and T-shirt model. With the support of her good friend, Violet Hawkins (Wrappin’ & Rollin’) Nicole has transitioned to a more plant-based diet. Nicole is wearing a size Small.

Cherish Wanter has been plant-based since August 2020 as an experiment to observe the impact of her dietary choices on her health. She hopes to attend graduate school to become a Registered Dietitian. Cherish is wearing a size medium.

Jennifer Coalwell is a local food enthusiast, cooking, and baking instructor in the Umpqua Valley. On her Flavors of the Umpqua Facebook page and blog, she shares about how to make delicious, plant-slant creations out of the abundance of fresh food found at local farm stands, U-Pick, and farmers markets! Jennifer has volunteered as a cooking demonstrator for UC-VEG for years and also serves on the Blue Zones Project Restaurant & Grocery Committee. Jennifer is wearing a size Small. 

Andre Perry is a local artist and glowing example of health. Andre has been fully plant-based and mostly raw for many years and sees his food as medicine. Powered by plants, Andre makes exquisite prints and jewelry that can be found at the Saturday Market on Harvard. Andre is wearing a size Medium.

Zenya Ledermann is an AmeriCorps member serving as Community Garden Coordinator! She is passionate about sustainable food systems and the human-environment relationship. She has been plant-based for three years and always finding new ways to experiment with recipes. Zenya is 5’2 and is wearing a size Small. 

Mimi Ryan is an AmeriCorps service member serving as the School Garden Coordinator for Umpqua Valley Farm to School! She is a passionate environmentalist, and made the switch to vegetarianism after being influenced by the information she learned in her college courses on sustainability. Mimi is enthusiastic about getting kids outdoors and connected to their environment and food system. She is 5’5 and is wearing a size medium!

John Stoddard is a local teacher and one of the friendly faces that greets you at the Roseburg YMCA! He’s passionate about the environment, civil rights, and staying active and healthy. As he’s transitioned to a plant-based diet, he uses lentils and rice as household staples to fuel his community activism. John is 6’4 and wearing a size Large.

Juliete Palenshus has been plant-based for over 25 years and expresses her passion for community health by serving as a Director of UC-VEG and Blue Zones Project, as well as on various other Boards and Councils in the community. She loves sharing about well-being, supporting community members in adopting simple lifestyle interventions, and seeing the results in disease reversal, and ultimately a happier and healthier community. Juliete is 5’8 and is wearing a size Small.